11+ Bali Style Garden Ideas and Key Features

bali style garden - pergola

Imagine your own Bali-style haven – a lush oasis where vibrant flowers bloom and hidden paths lead to tranquillity.

Explore our Bali style garden ideas and uncover the key elements to include. Follow these simple steps, and soon you’ll have your own island-inspired escape, bringing the beauty of Bali to your own garden.

1. Lush Foliage

bali style garden - lush foliage

Transforming your space into a Bali haven begins with lush, tropical foliage, creating an immediate sense of entering a natural wonderland. Diversity is key – aim for an array of tropical trees, palms, ferns, and flowering plants. This rich variety builds layers and a cosy atmosphere, offering cooling shade from the sun’s heat.

Consider these options for achieving that Bali jungle vibe:

Palms: Coconut, Kentia, banana, and bamboo palms bring structural elegance. Their expansive fronds provide dappled shade, adding a touch of height.

Ferns: Lacy tree ferns and delicate maidenhair ferns thrive in shady spots, introducing texture and a primal touch.

Bamboo: Fast-growing and graceful, bamboo serves as an excellent screening plant, offering an illusion of endless greenery that sways in the breeze.

Frangipani: Bursting with fragrant blooms, these trees with umbrella-like shapes create delightful shade.

Hibiscus: Inject pops of colour with vibrant hibiscus flowers in red, orange, pink, and yellow.

Densely planting a mix of heights, shapes, and textures recreates the layered ‘wall’ of green found in jungle foliage, forming the perfect backdrop for your Bali-style garden.

2. Natural Materials

bali style garden - natural materials

In Balinese landscape design, natural materials play a vital role, creating a connection to nature that synthetic materials simply can’t replicate. Wood, stone, bamboo, and thatch bring an organic touch, embodying the eco-conscious ethos of Balinese culture, often sourced sustainably or renewable.

Explore these ideas to seamlessly integrate natural materials:

Wooden Decking: Craft pathways and sitting areas with timber for an earthy ambiance.

Stone: Consider stone sculptures, water features, and stepping stones. Opt for natural shapes to maintain authenticity.

Bamboo: Embrace bamboo for fencing, pergolas, furniture, and decorative elements. Its natural appearance beautifully complements surrounding foliage.

Thatch: Consider thatched gazebo or pergola roofs for a touch of tradition echoing Balinese architecture.

Preserving the organic beauty of these materials is crucial. Apply oils to wood, seal stone, and keep bamboo moist to prevent weathering and wear. This preservation ensures an authentic and enduring touch to your Bali-style garden.

3. Vibrant Colours

bali style garden - vibrant colour

Bring Bali’s lively colours to your garden with bright flowers and ornaments in hot pink, orange, red, and yellow. These vibrant hues, seen in Balinese textiles and art, add energy to your outdoor space.

Use colour intentionally to guide attention and give meaning to spaces, creating a joyful and spiritual retreat in your garden. Let your outdoor area not only look pretty but also embody the lively spirit of Balinese traditions.

4. Balance and Symmetry

bali style garden - symmetry

In Balinese design, balance and symmetry reflect spiritual beliefs, symbolizing harmony in life and the bond between humans and nature. Translating this into your garden involves repeating design elements for visual harmony, like pathways, plants, and water features.

Create a central axis by placing identical water features on both sides of a pathway, or double up on palm trees and pergolas for symmetrical arrangements. To add a touch of variation, introduce organic, asymmetrical elements such as meandering pathways, curved borders, and diverse clusters of planting. These subtle breaks in perfect symmetry bring a natural and inviting flow to your Balinese-inspired garden.

5. Focal Points

bali style garden - focal point

In Balinese garden design, strategic focal points like statues, water features, and exotic plants guide the eye and create an immersive experience. Consider these ideas for standout focal points:

  1. Stone or Ceramic Buddha Statue: A serene Buddha statue provides a tranquil spot for meditation or reflection.
  2. Lily Pond: Introduce a calming pond with water lilies for a sensory experience – the movement and sound of water add to the ambiance.
  3. Large Pots and Containers: Large pots and interesting plants can provide a perfect focal point.
  4. Bamboo Water Feature: Create a peaceful atmosphere with the soothing sound of water flowing from bamboo spouts.

Ensure these focal points are visible from various angles, encouraging exploration and making your garden feel more expansive. Incorporate proper lighting to highlight these features at night, extending the enjoyment into the evenings.

6. Water Features

fountain, bamboo, water fountain-3695048.jpg

No Balinese garden is complete without water features like ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. These not only add a soothing ambiance but also transport you to Bali’s countryside by masking urban noise. Consider a formal pond surrounded by decking or lighter bamboo fountains for smaller spaces, serving as serene focal points promoting tranquillity.

For low maintenance, choose grouped urns overflowing with water and water lilies. Ensure seamless integration into your garden design, accentuating with reflective foliage and flowers. Prioritize proper filtration to keep mosquitos away, allowing the gentle sounds of water to complete your Balinese oasis, offering a harmonious retreat outdoors.

7. Intimate Spaces

bali style garden - hammock

Create hidden relaxation nooks by encircling small seating areas with screening plants and guiding pathways to secluded spots framed by greenery, offering delightful surprise encounters.

Explore these ideas for intimate garden retreats:

  1. Shaded Daybed: Embrace a wooden daybed adorned with throw cushions as a perfect reading retreat under the cool shade of trees.
  2. Hammock Haven: Suspend a hammock between shady palms or fruit trees for the ultimate afternoon siesta spot.
  3. Meditation Corner: Nurture your spirit in a quiet, screened space with a meditation cushion and incense.
  4. Alfresco Dining: Build an outdoor living area with comfortable seating, surrounded by lush plants for atmospheric, private meals.

Ensure privacy with screening plants or panels enveloping the area in foliage, and extend the enjoyment into evenings with thoughtful lighting. Transform your garden into a haven of serene and hidden retreats.

8. Shaded Retreats

bali style garden ideas

In Bali’s tropical climate, shade becomes a vital element for enjoying gardens comfortably throughout the day. Whether through well-placed pavilions, gazebos, or strategically planted trees like palms, Tabebuia, and Aralia, creating cooling relief from the sun is essential. Classic pergolas, equipped with fans for added comfort, offer timeless shaded areas, while a modern twist involves suspending angular shade sails over seating and play areas, complemented by vibrant throw pillows for an inviting touch.

When planning your garden, consider the shade requirements not just for the structures but also for the furnishings. Opt for sun loungers in unshaded areas and reserve hammocks or swings for spots beneath the cooling canopy of trees. With thoughtful shade solutions, your Bali garden transforms into a versatile and enjoyable space, ready to be savoured morning, noon, and night.

9. Privacy Screening

bali style garden - privacy screen

Privacy is crucial in Bali-style gardens, achieved through plantings, trellises, and fences. Bamboo serves as an ideal living fence, dense enough to filter views and noise while allowing airflow. Vines like bougainvillea and jasmine create natural barriers, covering walls and fences for privacy, and fast-growing plants like tall grasses and cordylines offer quick coverage, forming lush vertical gardens.

When planning, strategically leave gaps in screens to maintain openness while providing secluded retreats, ensuring your urban garden becomes a private tropical paradise.

10. Flowers and Plants

bali style garden - plants

In a UK garden, echo Balinese allure with plants thriving in the British climate for a touch of tropical beauty. Opt for hardy orchids like Bletilla striata and robust bromeliads such as Hechtia argentea. Phormium, or New Zealand Flax, brings bold drama with its long, arching leaves.

Introduce a tropical feel with hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus) and Clematis florida varieties for elegant flowering vines. Potted Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) can be brought indoors in winter, adding a tropical touch when placed outdoors in summer. For structural impact, include Yucca filamentosa with its spiky leaves. These selections infuse your UK garden with the lush charm of a Balinese haven.

11. Ambient Lighting

bali style garden - lighting

As night falls, strategic lighting turns a Bali garden into an enchanting wonderland, perfect for entertaining. Solar-powered bamboo lanterns lining pathways offer a magical glow without electricity, ensuring safe illumination. For intimate spaces, group glass lanterns and tea light candles on tables, benches, and tree stumps, creating cosy and romantic nooks for evening relaxation.

Elevate entertaining areas with festoon lights, using durable outdoor-rated string lights with discreet wiring. Highlight key features with up-lighting, accentuating architectural and plant elements, such as water features or statues, for a captivating effect. With thoughtful lighting, your Bali garden becomes a versatile space, enjoyable from dawn to dusk and beyond.

12. Balinese Ornaments

bali style garden - garden ornaments

Enhance your Bali-inspired garden with authentic and accessible Balinese ornaments. Consider statues, carvings, and textiles to infuse genuine cultural character into your outdoor space. Balinese Hindu statues, portraying familiar religious and mythological figures, can be strategically placed to enhance the spiritual ambiance near ponds or pathways.

For striking accents, explore hand-carved sandstone or limestone friezes depicting religious tales. Mount them on walls or use them as stepping stones for a touch of cultural authenticity. Sonic flair can be achieved with easily obtainable bamboo wind chimes, producing gentle music in the breeze. Opt for tuned chimes to create soothing melodies.

Incorporate woven bamboo bird cages, coconut wood masks, and simple textile wall hangings for added personality. These accessible Balinese ornaments contribute to an inviting, lived-in look in your tropical garden paradise, bringing cultural authenticity without the challenge of sourcing uncommon items.

FAQs – Balinese Style Garden Ideas

Q: What plants suit a Bali-style garden in a cool climate?

A: Hardy plants with tropical foliage are ideal. Consider Canna lilies, Colocasia, Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise), Fatsia japonica, Rhododendron, Camellia, and bamboo. Protect more delicate topicals during winter.

Q: How much maintenance do Bali-style gardens require?

A: Fast-growing tropical plants need frequent pruning and training. Plan for hands-on upkeep, and mulching with efficient irrigation reduces watering demands. Provide frost protection as needed.

Q: What outdoor structures work well in a Bali garden?

A: Thatched gazebos, timber pergolas, pavilions with Balinese-style pitched roofs, and wooden decks integrate seamlessly. Consider open-sided structures for easy flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Q: How can I infuse more Balinese culture into my garden?

A: Display Balinese Hindu statues, incorporate artwork depicting mythological tales, add handcrafted wooden ornaments, lanterns, and wind chimes. Use umbrellas and throw cushions with traditional batik and ikat prints for an authentic touch.

Q: Are water features difficult to install and maintain?

A: Self-contained water features like urn fountains are low maintenance, requiring regular cleaning and topping up. Larger ponds need filtration and cleaning. Consulting a professional ensures easy care and healthy water features.

Final thoughts – Bali-Inspired Garden Ideas

Bring the allure of Bali into your outdoor space with these garden style ideas. Lush foliage, natural materials, vibrant flowers, and a touch of Indonesian style can transform your garden into an exotic retreat. Follow the principles outlined in this article to craft your Balinese-inspired oasis, including layering plants for enclosure, incorporating serene water elements, and adding cultural accents. Complete the look with ambient lighting and hidden relaxation nooks for a tranquil sanctuary in your own backyard.

Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying positive vibrations and a taste of island life right at home. Let these Bali garden ideas inspire you to create a tropical getaway that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. The only thing missing is the Bali sunrise.

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